Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting Plates

Once you figure out your style, you can build and layer on the look for your entire life.  Would you believe that I painted this dinner plate (and 3 other plates, 4 bowls and 4 dessert plates) more than 10 years ago?

Long before the blog; long before I was inspired to share "delight" with the world; I was still me, and this is proof.  Ha!

I bought a set of inexpensive glass plates (at Kmart?) and set out to paint a set of dishes.  Don't you love the design?  Lavender roses, tiny green leaves and hot pink dots. 

Always paint on the underside of the dishes, then there is no risk of paint chipping off into your food.  By painting on the back, the part of the plate you eat off of remains pristine.

The glass paint is dishwasher safe when you fire it in the oven, although I hand wash this set, just to be safe.   

So the dishes I collect in 2012 (Chelsea) compliment the plates I painted in 1998?  Think about what you love, and when you are shopping, think about how your choices will be able to mix and match with what you already have.  You'll be living a "life of layers."    

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Elaine said...

How pretty. I didn't realize that they would last so long, but I also hand wash pretty much all the dishes that I collect. This is so much prettier than the fabric covered plates I have seen. And it does go with your Chelsea pattern perfectly.