Monday, February 1, 2010

Collecting Chelsea

How does a collection begin? Often it starts when someone shows you something that they know "you will love."

My Mom has known about the "Chelsea" pattern for years...seeing it now and then at antique shows or estate sales. Chelsea is a delicate white china with a raised blue-lavender decoration, often enhanced with a touch of lustre (an iridescent glaze).

One day we were at an antique show, and she saw the plate above and together we agreed that I had to have it. (You remember that I have a shelf in my laundry room filled with objects that are lavender.)

Well ever since, my Mom has been finding me these gorgeous pieces for my collection and I love them! Now when I am "out and about" I always keep my eyes open for Chelsea. It is so much more fun to go antiquing when you are searching for a speciafic pattern or style.

Design Note:
I want you to notice the lavender hounds tooth "fabric" that my dishes are displayed on. That is actually 3 sheets of scrapbook paper (!) under a glass shelf. Any glass-covered tray or table can be transformed with paper. Love it!


LillyB said...

Very pretty!

MmeBenaut said...

I love Chelsea too - I like the raised embossing on the bread and butter plate; and the gorgeous shape of the sugar bowl. You are lucky to have such a thoughtful Mother!!