Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Channeling France in Detroit via La Danse

A few friends and I were channeling France last weekend. We had heard that the Detroit Film Theater would be showing a matinee of La Danse, a 3-hour documentary on the legendary Paris Opera Ballet.

We started the afternoon across from the Detroit Institute of Arts at Good Girls Go To Paris creperie. We each enjoyed our own "savory" crepe for lunch and then split this masterpiece named "Fay" for dessert. It is a warm swirl of bananas, pecans, caramel, salted butter and brown sugar. (Sigh)

It was a clear, bright and cold day as we walked next door to watch our film. The documentary was more than I had hoped for. Yes, 3 hours is a long time, but I fell right into each scene. The gorgeous crunchy white skirts. The "hard-to-believe-they-are-real" ballerinas practicing in classic leotards and toe shoes. The luxurious auditorium being cleaned and prepped for a performance. The attention to detail in this film was intoxicating.  The sweep of the broom.  The lacing of the ribbons.  I loved it all.

My ballet experience is really limited to this Ballerina Barbie I had growing up. She was lovely, regal and everything I knew a ballerina to be. I named her Barbara and found that she was never silly or ridiculous like the other girls (ha!). Seeing this magnificent dance company was relaxing, informative and it brought back some childhood memories to boot! What a delight.

And we had a surprise, too. Remember when I told you about the honey that is collected on the roof of the Opera National de Paris and how I bought some when I was there? They showed the roof and the honey in the movie!

If you get the chance, I recommend that you channel France.

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