Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trying Decoupage

I make things, all kinds of things, all the time.

I like the look of layered paper images - clip art (like this Birds & Butterflies), foreign stamps, fortune cookie fortunes etc. John Derian decoupage plates have inspired me for years and lately I have been brainstorming about what my plates would look like.

When I tried my hand at decoupage, the plate above (intended for my living room) was my first attempt. I took this photo after the placement was determined, but before the decoupage step.

Unfortunately I was overzealous with the glue, the inks ran and it became "antiqued" in a hurry. I am telling you this because I want your crafting to go well. Whenever you a making your way through a new craft, consider photographing your progress. Because I took this photograph, I can recreate my plan, but with restraint this time. I can also look back at it objectively and see that the "woman" must go. She brings a little too much Victoria to the plate. I think I can find something better - a statue of a woman, perhaps?

Decoupage is all about layers, spacing, mood and message. What could be more fun?

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