Friday, March 9, 2012

Pretty Pretzels

A new friend came over for a visit this week and brought with her a sweet treat.  Don't these look great?  The packaging was perfect too - a stack of hand-decorated pretzels in a narrow cellophane bag.  The layers of colors and textures looked so good together.

I took them out of the bag, arranged them on this plate (covered with cling wrap) and I have been breaking them apart and eating them section by section all week.  Yum!  I'm determined not to "save" them, but to eat them at their peak as intended.

I love them all, but my hats tips for the white chocolate pretzel with the white sugar crust.  The sugar gives a lovely crunch and the white chocolate tastes perfect with the salty pretzel underneath.  In fact, I think I will make something in white chocolate with a sugar-crust sometime in the near future.  And you'll know it all started here.

Have you ever made chocolate dipped pretzels?

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Elaine said...

I have not made chocolate-dipped pretzels, but seeing these make me want to. What a lovely presentation.