Tuesday, March 13, 2012

City Series: Las Vegas, Dale Chihuly

I am living a little "viva Las Vegas" this week. My husband is attending a work conference and I decided to tag along and check out a few places that I have been wanting to see since my last visit.

One thing on my list was returning to the Bellagio to see the Dale Chihuly installation in the main lobby. The last time I was here my camera did not capture the color and patterns in the low light. Tah-dah! I got it.

The piece is mammoth, and this is only one section of a very long piece, but I think it really lets you see the individual shapes and colors and how they were installed together. You can see the entire piece from a distance here.

A wonderful thing about Las Vegas is that it exposes interesting art (and design elements like flowers and landscaping) to a very large and varied audience.

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