Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Refresh Your Terrarium

It feels so good to have a bit of green in the house. I think that March is the perfect time to plant (or in my case refresh) a terrarium.

My niece was coming over after school last Wednesday and I knew that she would like this type of garden project.

I got ready by stopping by the garden supply store to buy stones (to promote drainage), charcoal (to keep the greenhouse "sweet" - it somehow keeps the air/soil smelling fresh) and Soil Moist (to return moisture to the soil in between waterings). I also bought 4 small plants with a variety of leaves.

We reached into my dry and desperate terrarium that had long since given up the ghost and removed the elements that we could still use: a birch twig that I found outside the cottage last Summer, 3 stone-shaped candles, a paper butterfly- and we dumped the rest into the trash.

The rectangular base has a plastic liner that I line with a plastic bag. Then in goes a layer of small rocks, then charcoal, then a few inches of top soil with Soil Moist mixed in. The plants, decorative elements and pieces of moss make all the difference in an interesting terrarium. I still want to find a dollhouse-size bench...wouldn't that be the cutest?

We made our own little secret garden and situated it in the living room. A little sign of life as we wait for Spring.

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Elaine said...

I love your terrarium, Anne. It always feels wonderful to have a bit of the outdoors in inside. It looks beautiful