Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea Party

It all began when we started talking about our mutual love of England.  Which led us to agree about the importance of afternoon tea.  She mentioned "Lyle's" syrup; I said, "What's that?" and it was all over.  We were going to have afternoon tea - she'd bring the homemade scones and I'd make my lemon curd.  What fun!

My new friend, Kathleen and I have bonded over tea.  Shouldn't more friendships start this way?  I have found a kindred spirit.

And knowing she was coming over had me polishing my silver teapot-shaped trivet, pulling out my teapot-topped teaspoons and choosing my color scheme for the table.  It was fun and it had been too long since I had focused on tea.

We drank Yorkshire Tea, devoured the two kinds of scones that Kathleen made with her grandmother's recipes - one sturdy scone slathered with butter and Lyle's golden syrup (a sticky sweet brickle-like syrup) and another fruit-studded scone paired with homemade sweet whipped cream and we talked.  And talked.
If you like this kind of thing and know if someone who is also a tea lover, maybe it's time to invite them over for tea.  It just might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Elaine said...

What a great excuse to have a tea party! I haven't had one in ages and your beautiful table scape makes me want to have one. Just beautiful!