Friday, December 14, 2012

Beautiful Wrapping Paper

I had a really nice experience at the post office last Saturday.  It was jammed with people who had shopped till they dropped, wrapped their presents, found the addresses and organized themselves to the point where they had one final step to take...mailing the gifts.

Dan and I walked in and made our way to the display of shipping boxes.  He was  carrying a stack of our packages that was so high he could barely see over his armful and I was negotiating box construction, taping, addressing and arranging them in the shipping box.  We completed our task in front of the 25 people in line.  They were waiting patiently, but boredom made our process entertaining.

We thought we could mail the box from the automated mail station, but a kind woman saw our error and pointed out that we couldn't buy the box we were using from the automated teller.  I'm so glad she said something, because I did not need to camp out in the wrong line when I had lots of other errands to get to.

Anyhoo, when she finally checked out and was leaving (at least 20 minutes later), I caught her eye to say thanks again, and she walked over to us and said, "We're all really jealous of your beautiful packages.  Have a great holiday." and went on her way through the crowd.

Isn't that nice! Her comment made my day.  This year I chose a variety of red, raspberry and gold papers and I must admit, they do look beautiful together and really help to highlight the red and raspberry ornaments on the tree.  
Wrapping in coordinating papers does not take a lot of effort (it is really more of a plan), but the effect can be beautiful. Although they look expensive, I found these papers at Homegoods. If you see some pretty wrapping paper on sale after the holidays, pick up a few coordinating rolls and plan to make a statement under your tree next year.  You never know who will compliment your efforts.  

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