Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Calendars

Today is December 1st and it is finally time to open Window #1 on the Advent Calendar.  Except of course that I like my new advent calendar so much that I don't want to disrupt this pretty picture of a general store by bending the flaps open.  Am I the only one that feels this way? Year after year the joke in my house is that you can't actually open the windows on the advent calendar on display.  Today I'll pretend I opened #1 and saw "a sewing basket full of thread." 

My parents found this beautiful advent calendar for me and brought it over as a surprise last week.  When she saw it, the design immediately reminded my mom of a sketch I did of an armoire full of clothes (below).  And I must say, I see the similarity too.  This advent calendar is full of some of my favorite things: fabric, ribbons, sweets, toys, housewares and Christmas decorations.  I wouldn't think such an advent calendar exists!  You can see why I want to keep it forever.
I was able to find a link to my darling advent calendar online in case you want to order one.  It is made in Germany by Korsch-Verlag.  You can also find some wonderful advent calendars at Blumchen and in your local bookstore. What is behind your Window #1?

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