Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frosting and Fellowship

We are getting pretty good at frosting with royal white icing!  My friend, Angie and I got together for our annual afternoon of Frosting and Fellowship (translation: we decorate cookies together) on Sunday and these are some of our best creations.

I made the cookies with my grandmother's Sugar Cookie recipe and I cut out a series of scalloped squares with a new cookie cutter, although I wasn't sure how we would decorate them.  Angie took one look at them and declared that they were postage stamps!  What a brainstorm. 

She decorated all five (shown at the top of the cookie sheet) and I still can't get over how cute they are.  I have a feeling that we will be including postage stamps in our cookie decorating from now on.  

The frosting is called royal white icing and is known for being smooth and flat.  Once the cookies are dry, you can stack them and they won't smudge one another.  This year we used bags of CK royal white icing mix.  You add the appropriate amount of water to the contents of the bag in a mixing bowl and blend until the consistency is like honey.  Then we color a portion of the icing with paste food coloring.  We put some of the colored icing in a pastry bag fit with a No.2 tip and we put the rest in a dish and add a touch of water to make it thinner.  We pipe the border of the cookies, and then "paint" or fill in the rest of the cookie area with the thinner frosting using a new paint brush.  You can add sprinkles or decorating touches while the icing is still wet. Allow to dry.

I had never tried using royal white icing until a friend of Angie's taught her.  Then she showed me and we have been having fun with it ever since.  If you have never tried frosting cookies with royal white icing, maybe this is your year.  It is really fun and the bakery-like results make it worth the effort.

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