Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homemade Toffee

Tah-dah! Here is our pride and joy - gorgeous homemade toffee.  Every year my friend Alison and I dedicate a Sunday afternoon to toffee.  Sweet, crunchy, nutty, fabulous toffee.  It all started about 5 years ago when she invited me along on her pilgrimage to the cake and candy supply store.  She was shocked that I had never been to this baker's gold mine.  When I climbed into her car, I had my cookie and candy binder with me.

The binder is where I keep all of the recipes and articles that I have torn from magazines.  When I showed her my much coveted toffee page, she suggested that we give it a whirl.  Yippee! It seemed like a daunting thing to take on by myself (candy thermometers, molten sugar) but completely do-able with a friend by my side.  Aren't there a lot of life situations like that?

We have been making big batches of toffee together every Christmas ever since.  I love having tins of homemade toffee, of course, but I love our quality time together just as much.

This is our magic toffee recipe from the gorgeous pages of Southern Living magazine: Mildred's Toffee.   (*Note: We use higher quality Merckens dark chocolate buttons or discs, not grocery store bagged chocolate chips)

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