Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gingerbread House

As you know, I love color and sugar.  It is those two forces that pull me toward the Gingerbread House kits.  I used to make the walls and roof myself with a 2-sided cast iron mold. It really is wonderful. Each side features a different style - log cabin vs. traditional.  So cute!  But...

Time is at a premium these days and I can't resist the perfectly smooth walls of a gingerbread house kit.  Make sure to buy one with a base to fit the walls into (it helps to stay together while drying) and pre-mixed royal icing that you use as the glue for the walls and decorations.

I've made houses that I've loved more, but I think my little house looks sweet with a "candy buttons on paper tape" roof, don't you?  Maybe next year you will fit in a little project like this.  They make a fun centerpiece and smell so good!

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