Friday, December 27, 2013

Fortune Cookie Slip Garland

I feel really happy that I came up with a cute way to craft with my hard-to-explain collection of fortune cookie slips.  Call me superstitious, but I have never thrown away a cookie fortune that was positive.  After dinner at a Chinese restaurant (or whenever we have take out), I always drop my fortune in my purse and then later stash it in an odds and ends drawer in my craft room.

Tonight when my friend Angie was over, I brought out the the drawer because I was looking for things to embellish some notecards with.  After an hour of making one-of-a-kind notecards, I started reading the pile of fortunes I had amassed.  I knew I couldn't throw them away, but what could I do with them?

A paper garland made the most sense.  Angie offered me the use of her 1 1/2" circle hole punch and I punched circles out of two coordinating double-sided papers that I happened to have.  The circles would be the perfect shape to highlight the little paper slips.  Then I threaded my sewing machine with pink thread and I sewed myself a 12 foot paper garland.  Love love love.
Look how cute it looks! Okay, I agree that my office is a little overwhelming and a fortune cookie slip garland isn't exactly what the room needs, but I love it just the same.  And this is where THIS woman creates.  I am sure that I will find a better place for it, but I wanted to show it to you right away.

This garland ticks off two of my most important criteria for crafting: beautiful and interesting.  The fortunes are inspirational and they give me a wonderful feeling of success moving forward.

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