Monday, December 2, 2013

Ribbon-Wrapped Wreath

A ribbon-wrapped wreath.  Say that 10 times fast!  My front door has a fresh coat of dark green paint and I wanted a bright and happy wreath in a contrasting color to really show it off.  Enter apple green.  I am drawn to apple green this season and when I came across this 1 1/2 inch apple green satin ribbon at Michaels Craft store, I knew it would be perfect.
I bought an 18" foam wreath form and 4 rolls of ribbon.  I secured the beginning and end of each roll onto the wreath with flat topped straight pins pushed directly into the foam.  It works like a charm.  The bow is made from one roll of ribbon, plus about half of another roll.  I tied the ribbon onto the bottom of the wreath with a simple knot and then tied two basic loop bows. Then I attached another piece of ribbon and tied another basic loop bow. I made sure to leave long ribbon tails hanging down.   

To finish the look, I used a short piece of ribbon to cover the series of knots (I placed it over the front and tied it gently behind), which makes the bow appear to be one complicated knot.  You too can make this easy but stylish holiday wreath in about 20 minutes.    

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