Saturday, December 7, 2013

Delightful Gift Under $35: Holiday Gift Guide

You can have a beautiful holiday, giving all of my favorite holiday gifts...all under $35.

The only gifts that make sense to me are those that you bought for a reason. I am known for stopping my family and friends in the middle of them tearing off the wrapping paper, to tell them a little something that will help them understand the inspiration for the gift.  I like presents that will improve the life of (and of course, delight) the recipient. Here are my suggestions for some products I love and why.  Hope this helps make your holiday shopping a tad easier. Ho ho ho!

For Your Mother, Father or Any Home Cook: Digital Meat Thermometer
I live by the dial with this handy digital thermometer that tells you exactly when your meats, roasts and chicken are perfectly cooked. You set the desired temperature and it will beep when it's reached.  This gadget puts people at ease, trust me.

For Those Who Love to Bake: Kitchen Aid Flex-edge Beater
I bought myself this wonderful rubber-edged mixing blade and I can't live without it.  Made by Kitchen Aid, so you know it fits, this item is like having a rubber spatula in the bowl whirling around with your ingredients.  My sugar/butter bases have never been so fluffy.

For Any Woman with a Pulse: Elf Makeup Collection
My heart pounds at the sight of color.  And I have a soft spot for anything that slides open/has secret compartments like a Barbie camper.  Everyone will have fun trying these flattering shades of eye makeup, blush and lip gloss.  It is just fun, and that's what gift-giving is about.

For Those Who Loves Paris: Paris: Delight in the City of Light by Anne Reeves 
I am tooting my own horn by suggesting my books, but girl-after-girl has told me how much they have loved dreaming about Paris through the pages of my modern coffee table book.  How could I not pass on the recommendation to you?

For Those Who Can't Live without their Gadgets: Waterproof Beachproof iPad case 
I love the idea that we can still go to the beach and read magazines, get messages and take picures safely with this case. Yes, I relax too, but this is a safe win/win for us technology lovers.

For Those Who Like To Be In The Know: Beekman 1802 Blaak Drizzle
My friends Josh and Brent of The Fabulous Beekman Boys have an amazing company that is changing the face of small business.  Their business is growing by leaps and bounds since they won the Amazing Race. I love everything they do, but Blaak Drizzle is my favorite product they make.  "Blaak Drizzle is a reduction of balsamic vinegar, figs and the the native elderberries that grow wild around Beekman 1802 Farm and all over New York state."  I use it in salad dressing, meat marinades, with a cheese plate.  I just love it and your friends will too.

For Someone Who Loves Inspiring Coffee Table Books: Finding Delight or Moments of Delight by Anne Reeves
I was told the other day by a reader that she leaves my books on her coffee table year round.  She loves how they look sitting out as modern coffee table books and she loves the content even more. If she likes them that much, I should recommend them to you, don't you think?

For Those That Love to be Organized: Susan Branch, Year of Notepads
Susan Branch is known for her delightful illustrations and books.  The note pad set I am recommending has one notepad for each month, with "August" at the top and whimsical drawings along the border.  The set also includes post-it notes.  This was the gift that was so successful that in the 2 Christmases since I gave it, my mom has found it on her own, bought it, brought it to my house, handed it to me and said "I want this again."  If that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.

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