Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vintage Christmas Centerpiece

Ooh la la! I love to showcase different ways to display vintage ornaments and this might be my new favorite!  I turned a simple glass cloche (you can find them reasonably at the store, Home Goods) upside down, gently placed my vintage treasures inside, placed a kiwi green plate on top and holding both the plate and the cloche, slowly turned it right side up.

My ornaments are safe inside (They're dust free too!) and all I have to do is watch to make sure no one "lifts" the cloche up.  I hosted my book club this week and I placed this festive decoration on my kitchen island, surrounded by snack and sweets.  

This kind of decoration is beautiful and interesting.  In person, you can't help but admire all of the different colors and styles.  Do you remember the story of the pale pink ornament in the center?  Merry Christmas!

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