Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seattle: Fans can Boat Gate at the University of Washington Huskies' football games

Seattle, Washington has more spectacular views than I can count. I've been telling people that the area is like a national park with a city inside, but even that description pales in comparison. The photo above is a view of Lake Washington from one of the hilltops near Capitol Hill.
This photo is from the same vista, just focusing a little to a left so that you can see the University of Washington ("U-Dub" - "u" for university and "dub" for the sound of the letter "w") Huskies' football stadium.  It is one of the few stadiums in the country where you can boat gate. Picnic on your boat and then ride a shuttle boat over to the campus to watch the game in person. So neat! You can read an article about the stadiums where this is possible here.

I was driving around town exploring on this particular Saturday and was listening to the Huskies' football game on the radio. When I stopped to take this picture, it was fun to see the boats on Lake Washington near the stadium and realize that they were boatgating! 

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