Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Seattle: Date Night at Salty's on Alki Beach

Salty's on Alki Beach is my favorite date night restaurant in Seattle. The food is delicious and the staff seems genuinely happy for customers who are "visiting Seattle" and get to experience dinner with this spectacular view. 
Dan and I drove over to Alki Beach to find a casual restaurant that I had read a lot about. When we arrived, it was a little too casual, primarily take out and we decided that we'd rather have more of a Sunday Dinner.  A long quiet meal with a chance to soak up the view from Alki Beach.
We were able to get right in (it was 6 o'clock) and were seated at a table with a view. I ordered the True Cod and Prawn Picatta, which is finished with caper berries, artichoke hearts, baby heirloom tomatoes and italian parsley. It was delicious. The cod took on the bright flavors of the sauce and I ate every bite.
This view is a wider shot of the city - the buildings aren't as clear, but you can see the distinct skyline that Dr. Fraser Crane made so famous. If you are planning a visit to Seattle, you must include one lovely meal at Salty's on Alki Beach. During warm weather, you can request a table out on the deck.

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