Monday, October 6, 2014

Seattle: Volunteer Park Cafe and Cold Brew Coffee by Slate Coffee Roasters

I was looking for any port in a storm. Not really, but I had been at Volunteer Park looking at the dahlia garden for ages and I was desperate for a coffee and a snack.

It was later I realized that I was at the Volunteer Park Cafe - a little restaurant in Capitol Hill that several people had recommended I visit. Win-win. I was checking things off my list and I didn't even know it.  
The Volunteer Park Cafe was closing to regroup between their lunch and dinner hours but I arrived just in time to order a fresh pear cake and a bottle of cold brew coffee (who knew you could buy bottled unsweetened cold brew coffee?) by Slate Coffee Roasters at a table out front. I am the latest big fan of cold brew coffee. It is strong, but not bitter and has even more kick than a regular iced coffee. Where do I sign?

I would love to go back to the Volunteer Park Cafe and have a meal and really get to know the place. I'm putting it on the running list I have called "Seattle."

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