Friday, October 17, 2014

Seattle: Magnolia Park has a Magnificent View

When I talked to my friends back home, I had a lot of questions about how I handled all the rain in Seattle.  This photo (above) sums up the weather I experienced while in the Pacific Northwest. I was there between April - October and it was magnificent. I've heard that the traditional rainy season is October-March and it definitely rains then, so our timing was lucky. 
We spent a beautiful Sunday exploring Seattle and found Magnolia Park on top of the Magnolia Bluff. A million dollar view that you can enjoy any time you want. The sparkling water is Puget Sound and depending on the direction you looked, you could see sailboats or freighters. We relaxed on a bench and wished we had brought along a picnic.
What a view. You can see why I loved every minute of my time in Seattle.

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