Monday, November 24, 2014


Do you have cups and saucers at the ready? This is the time of year that you want'll to be ready for spontanei-tea.

My friend, Kathleen, who has a new scone business, called to see if I was at home. She had a new flavor of scone for me to try (toffee chocolate chip!) and freshness is king in the world of baked goods.

"Come on over!," I proclaimed, and then proceeded to the dining room to retrieve my glass teapot and some of my formal china cups and saucers. If I'm not going to use them when a friend drops by with scones, when am I?  

The prospect of suddenly serving tea reminded me to write about the notion of using what we have and letting everyday life be a special occasion. Are you with me? 

I have a little side table in my dining room that I keep stocked for moments like these. It is my go-to place for a small teapot, some cups, sugar cubes, small spoons and paper napkins. I call it my "tea station" but it really serves as a piece of mind. I'm ready - come on over.

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