Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zigging and Zagging Through Delight

Hello all! The holiday season is approaching and I wanted to explain my plans for "Moments of Delight." In a nutshell, I am going to zig and zag through topics over the next two months. 

Many blogs do daily countdowns or holiday specific posts, but I have SO much to share from my travels these last 3 months that I can't possibly shelve everything until January. So...

I will jump in with holiday content, as needed (like the Cornbread Turkey) but I will also sprinkle in restaurant recommendations, embroidery projects I'm working on, design tips, parks & rec, and a host of other beautiful content. 

My plan is to delight, just know that I may zig when you expect me to zag.  I think it is important to distinguish that this is not "real time" content, like Instagram. The photos or recipes weren't photographed in the last 48 hours. How could I possibly keep up? 

For example, I have a dahlia garden that I want to show you. The blooms have faded in Seattle, but would you really want me to wait until NEXT September to share them with you? Me, either.

Remember, it is all about finding delight in everyday life. Enjoy!

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