Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Food Truck Dish Towels: Modern Art

I have a weakness for dishtowels. My collection is full of French brands and unusual color palates. They are often too beautiful to use and I save them, folded in a drawer, as if I'm waiting for the Queen to come.  I am a proponent of using the beautiful things we have, don't get me wrong, but I have bought so many over the year I can't help but keep a few pristine.

And then I walked into a kitchen store in Ballard, Washington and saw these Food Truck dishtowels. Lighthearted and timely (I was on a mission to eat from food trucks when I was in the Pacific Northwest), these are the ones I chose to hang on the wall as art.

My studio is in transition right now, I've been organizing and planning for a grand new space to create.  Furniture has been moved, storage containers for buttons and ribbon and zippers (oh my!) have been purchased and I am on the hunt for wallpaper.  In the meantime, I knew that these dishtowels would give my studio a touch of whimsy.  

I needed a long pocket along the top of each dishtowel to thread a wooden dowel through. I decided that sturdy grosgrain ribbon (1.5 "wide) would make a perfect "pocket" and I cut a piece the width of each dishtowel. I sewed along the length of the ribbon, at the top and bottom and it created a long smooth pocket. I cut a dowel just wider than each dishtowel, threaded it through the pocket and then cut a length of embroidery floss and tied it to each end. I pushed a thumbtack into the wall and hung the embroidery floss "hanger" over the pin. Voila! 

Simple, inexpensive and FUN artwork for my studio walls. If you'd like to order a set for yourself or a friend, you can find them here.

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