Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dishes by the Pound

I was shopping in Ann Arbor at a store called "Found," when I noticed that they had a table of mismatched china available for sale by the pound.

How fun. I immediately spotted this old Johnson Brothers square bowl and popped it on the scale. It is antique white with sweet beige & pink blossoms - very grandmother-y and perfect to showcase a peony. 

And for 75 cents, how could I go wrong? 

I hope you find an unexpected treasure this weekend - let me know what you found.


MmeBenaut said...

I found a beautiful, huge rock in my garden - big enough to sit on while I have a cup of tea.

I love this little treasure that you found and also your peony.

I can't remember how I found your blog but I love it.

Anne Reeves said...

Tea in the garden sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing. I have longed to go to Australia and it is fun for me to know that you are there enjoying my work! All the best, Anne

MmeBenaut said...

Thank you Anne for that lovely welcome - you're on my bookmarks bar and although I might not be able to pop in every day, I will get there eventually! Hope you can find time to pop down under too and see where we live. My husband has Adelaide Daily Photo blog too although this is a more quirky site with all sorts of strange photos and stories. He's not weird, he just has a good sense of humour.