Monday, June 2, 2008

90 Days of Summer

There is nothing quite like a slice of watermelon on a hot Summer day. Actually, I take that back.

This dessert is quite like a slice of watermelon and will cool you off any day this Summer!

Modeled after a super cute dessert in a 1998 issue of Martha Stewart Living, my version of this mold requires only 3 sorbets (lime sherbet, lemon & raspberry) and a handful of mini chocolate chips to liven up your next party.

And the beautiful paper plates? April Cornell, of course!

Start enjoying the 90 Days of Summer!


Tracy said...

SO Funny! I pulled that recipe out also and keep looking at it longingly. Thanks for the nudge. I'll try it soon!

Keep up the beauty. . .

Anne Reeves said...

It is delicious - and so nice and cool on a hot Summer day.