Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father's May Herb Pot: Planting a Tradition

Every year, my Dad & I celebrate Father's May. You see, our tradition is planting matching herb pots and we want to plant when the herb selection is best.

First, we shop for mint & sage & thyme, oh my! Then there are discussions about dirt (bagged or from the garden), who has the Soil Moist (usually me) and how the weather is looking for Memorial Weekend (gorgeous!). 

We plant a different herb in each hole of our strawberry pots. Sometimes, as a crowning touch, we add a "Sweet 100" cherry tomato plant next to the dill and orange mint on top. Sometimes the cherry tomato plant grows too big and it dominates the pot; other times it is just right. I certainly love seeing the bright red cherries, but in truth, it is probably best to stick to just herb. What choices there are!

Our little herb garden is compact, beautiful and smells divine. Happy Father's May.

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