Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pumpkins to Pilgrims

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and things are slowing changing from pumpkins to pilgrims. It's time to hang a bay leaf wreath in your kitchen. Have you seen one? It is a beautiful way to add a "holiday meals are coming" feel to the kitchen.

It's also fun to pull off a leaf and drop it in a big pot of soup on the stove.

Once your wreath is hung you'll want to put bay leaves in everything, so I'm including a bay leaf cooking link.



LillyB said...

Thank you so much for not skipping The Pilgrims this year! A lot of others are starting to decorate for Christmas already and I just refuse to do that until the day after Thanksgiving! I was starting to feel like something was wrong with me...sounds like peer pressure LOL
The wreath is a fantastic idea, thanks for the link too!!

Anne Reeves said...

My pleasure, Lillyb! We have to give every holiday it's due!