Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Teacup

What am I planning for January? Tiny blossoms in a vintage teacup! The man at the garden center told me that these Muscari "Valerie Finnis" bulbs need 6 weeks of cold sleep and then can be brought out into a warm room to grow. I have planted them in this vintage teacup (look at the unusual cup shape!) and it is now tucked away in the refrigerator. Just after New Years, I'll bring it out and let the warm sunshine in my family room work its magic.

It is my own little Secret Garden.


MmeBenaut said...

Such a gorgeous teacup and saucer - so different from anything I've seen.

Kimmers said...

Anne, can I store them "naked" in the garage and then put them in the pot and dirt indoors when I'm ready for them to grow?

Anne Reeves said...

You have to make sure that they don't freeze. The garden center man suggested I plant them in dirt (read "blanket") and chill for 6 weeks. Good luck!