Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Blog About Finding Delight

I thought today would be a good day to explain my philosophy of delight.  I just surpassed 1,800 blog posts and the accomplishment has brought out some great questions.  

Why do you blog?

I love being able to share my photos, thoughts and ideas. I strive to write reliable and informative content full of delightful images, ideas and recommendations.  I post five days a week, with one of my original photographs accompanying each post.  An executive once told me that success comes from passion and persistence.  I think my passion for things that delight (flowers, ice cream, entertaining, crafts, collecting, travel) can be recognized within each post.  I show my persistence by posting day-after-day, year-after-year, with the hope that my words and images will bring delight to someone at just the right moment.  I have over 10,000 people visit my blog each month, so I have a hunch I am on the right track.  I published my 3 books so that my readers could have a physical collection of my photos and suggestions to read and show their friends.  

How do I decide what I am going to write about?

I believe that "finding delight in everyday life" means looking for delight in a variety of places.  Accept an invitation to a jazz concert, order an unusual dessert, experiment with color in your sheets and pillowcases, grow herbs, try painting.  Can you see what I'm getting at?  You don't have to specialize in just growing bonsai trees or collecting stamps.  Dabble in a variety of things and see what speaks to you.  

As a result, each day in my blog is a surprise.  Sometimes you will get a recipe. Other days an anecdote.  And when I am traveling, I called it a "City Series" and I write a string of posts.  You can "come along" on my trip and see the shops, sweets and treats I found.  I label each post with the city or region, so that later you can go to the sidebar of the blog, find the "City Series" section and click "Atlanta" and read all of my posts from Atlanta.  At the absolute bottom of the blog (scroll down) you can see my other labels: "accessories", "Jell-O", "hydrangeas" - you name it! Click the topic you are interested in and all of the posts in that topic will appear on one page.  

How do I find my way around your blog? I don't understand what a blog is.

A blog is just like a webpage.  It has an address ( and you can visit it any time you want.  The most recent blog post appears at the top.  You can look in the sidebar and see links to visit my "Moments of Delight" Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest boards and Etsy store.  You can also use the SEARCH box to look for a particular post.  Click around and see what you can find.  You can't hurt anything, click away!  

If you want a reminder to read my blog, you can locate the "Follow Blog By Email" box in the sidebar of my blog and enter your email address.  Each new blog post will be emailed to you.

What rose is that?
This magnificent rose is called "Abraham Darby" by David Austin.  You see it here, blooming in my rose garden in southeastern Michigan.

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