Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beekman 1802 Mercantile & Mortgage Lifter Ad on The Super Bowl

As a girl that has dreamed of owning a general store (dollhouse size one at the very least!), it warmed my heart to step inside the beautiful Beekman 1802 mercantile in Sharon Springs, New York.  The fact that this old fashioned concept has been recreated by my two friends and filled to the brim with items inspired by life on their farm, made my visit all the more sweet.   
Naturally I have been buying their fabulous Beekman 1802 products online for years, but I must admit, that the store ambiance, selection and tasting bar made me want one of everything they offer x 3!  In fact, Brent teased me about having to replenish the shelf of "Blaak Drizzle" after I loaded 4 bottles into my basket.  It is a concoction of balsamic, fig and elderberry that I drizzle on everything from meats to salads and back again.  I was smart enough to buy an extra bottle to keep at the cottage too, so I'll never be without. 

So, yes, these are my friends, and yes, I want them to succeed, but I am writing about their store and products because they are unique, delicious and truly bring delight.  There is no question about that.  So I thought it would be fun to show you pictures of the store and tell you which products in particular that I love. 

First I must start with their goat milk soaps, because that is where it all began. Beekman 1802 started with their now famous goat milk soaps.  Their selection of natural soaps are named (and scented) based on the 12 months on the farm.  
When my friends at home asked me to bring them "a little something" from the store, I chose the month of July soap (since I was visiting in July) for each of them.   The Beekman 1802 July soap has a fragrance "inspired by a walk through the Beekman 1802 Herb Garden with hints of thyme, mint, and more tasty summer favorites."  It was a hit!  They all loved it.

I bought myself a bar of "After The Garden: Tart Cherry Pit" soap to keep with a bowl of water on my potting table. I will use it to clean up after I've spent time in the garden.  The ground cherry pits are to help loosen the dirt and the cherry scent is fresh and lovely.
The store has a lit showcase in the wall (above) to display a product as the work of art that it is.  When I was visiting, the "Summer" bar of soap was in the spotlight.
This is a display (above) of the "Good Neighbor Pie Kit," which is a set of 3 heavy duty metal pie tins stamped with Beekman 1802.  The intent is to encourage the baking and giving of homemade pies by creating a good-looking, yet reasonable a pie tin that the baker can feel good about giving away.  

I love this idea.  The funny thing was that when I showed these pictures to my mom, she saw these pie tins and proclaimed, "That's what I want!"  Really? She doesn't bake.  But mine is not to question why.  I've added a set of pie tins to my next online order, just for her.
This photograph shows a bit of the delicious and inspirational "Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato Pasta Sauce".  Have you heard about this sauce?  Josh and Brent won the Amazing Race last year (didn't I mention that?). Watch the Albany news station's broadcast (below) to see the announcement that the Beekman Boys had won $1 million dollars on The Amazing Race. It's a great synopsis.
Josh and Brent used their winnings to pay off their mortgage on the farm and this allowed Josh to leave his job in New York City and fulfill his dream of living on the farm full time.  The two also put some of the million dollars into starting a line of heirloom tomato products (using tomatoes from their farm and other farms) called the "Mortgage Lifter."  They in turn, have announced that "25% of the profits of this amazing sauce are donated to directly help struggling small American farmers."  Isn't that outstanding?  They are using their success to help others succeed.  I'm in.  Oh, and the sauce is wonderful.  Rich and flavorful.  I know that I will serve it for dinner again and again.  

***Want to help them sell more sauce and therefore help more American farms? Intuit is having a "Small Business/Big Game" contest for a small company to win an advertisement to be broadcast during the Super Bowl - click here and vote for Beekman 1802!

While I was in their store in Sharon Springs, I also bought "Spring Harvest Honey" - yum! I have some of their "Rosemary Creamed Honey" at home that I serve often when I make a cheese tray, so I thought a classic pure honey would be a good next step.  I was right.

So...can you tell that my luggage was packed to the brim?!  I was so happy to support my friends and have lots of new products to enjoy. Shopping at Beekman 1802 is a win-win, all day long.  If you would like to see more of Josh and Brent's world, be sure to visit their webpage www.Beekman1802.com and look for their tv show "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" on The Cooking Channel.  It will be time well spent. 

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