Thursday, August 29, 2013

Polka Spot at Beekman Boys Farm and Goats Galore

I have a dear friend who loves watching the Beekman Boys on The Cooking Channel (who doesn't?).  But she is not an internet girl and she doesn't follow their life and career on Facebook or Twitter.  Her perception of them is frozen in time, if you will, bound by the episodes filmed on their farm in Sharon Springs.

So when I told her that I was going to visit my friends (who happen to be The Fabulous Beekman Boys) at their farm in New York, she had one request.  "I just want to know that the llama's okay."

THE llama is named Polka Spot and she has quite a following of her own.  The picture above shows her happy and healthy, eating hay and showing off the new haircut she got for Josh and Brent's wedding.  I printed this photo of Polka Spot for my friend and I'm sure that it's up on her frige.
These are some of the goats that were curious about our visit.  

When we toured the barn, I was happy that we had a chance to meet John, the goat farmer. I "know" him from the television show and wanted to give him my best in person.  He was busy milking the goats and tending to their every need. 
These are the goats that produce the milk for the very fabulous soaps and cheeses that the world is buzzing about.  Here is an excerpt from Vogue urging the beauty-minded to head to Sharon Springs and buy their goat milk soap.
I made an impromptu cheese board when we got home from our trip.  We lovingly traveled back to Michigan with a wheel of Beekman 1802 BLAAK and put simply, I-LOVE-IT.  I served it with a variety of crackers and a cube of honey comb, along with a spreadable goat cheese/lemon curd combination from Idyll Farms in northern Michigan.  The dinner that followed paled in comparison, that's for sure. 

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