Monday, January 5, 2015

Putz Village Display: When Color Trumps Reason

All season I tried to think of a better way to display my new collection vintage Japanese Putz houses, than interspersed with my coffee table books. You'll remember that I bought them at an antique show in November and did a little renovation on them.  These stiff paper houses were made in Japan in the 1950's.

Initially I couldn't resist how the colors of the books on the bakers rack echoed the houses themselves, so I tucked one here and one there, telling myself that they looked like a Swiss village.

I had a collection of teeny-tiny people, those made to replicate a model train community, and I used putty to make them stand at the front door or sit on the porch of a few of the homes. Cute, eh?
I know that my Putz village display is non-traditional, but I love it. The village looks happy to me and I'm not certain that I would find the same joy if I found a setting that looked more realistic.  What do you think?

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