Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dahlia Tubers - Order Early from Dahlia Barn

I'm making sure my garden is full of delight from August to October. I just ordered some tubers from The Dahlia Barn. They will ship them to me when the timing is right this spring and then its up to me!

Remember when I visited them in the Pacific Northwest this fall? It was such a nice visit and I promised to try growing them in my own little garden. You can place your order anytime now and they begin shipping (by planting zone) in March. Since it is -3 degrees here today, I've got a while to wait!

But why not order now before any variety is sold out? I chose some by color and some by name. How could I resist "Dot Com" or "Sonic Bloom," I ask you? There is a Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February that I would love to attend, but alas, my boots are in Michigan (and sometimes Florida) that time of year.  If you go to the flower show, enjoy it a little more for me, ok?

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