Monday, January 12, 2015

Seattle: Discovery Park: Peace and Quiet

Seattle's Discovery Park is all about light. We were out on the tip of the peninsula, on the South Beach side, on a Sunday afternoon in October and I was surprised that there weren't more people around. The population of Seattle is around 650,000, but we practically had the place to ourselves. Of course, the Seattle area has so many parks, lakes and mountains to explore, I know that it's citizens were out and about on this spectacular day, they just weren't here.
The water on Puget Sound was calm and I sat here and enjoyed the sound of the water lapping at the shore while Dan explored the terrain around the lighthouse.
I used my zoom to give you a better look at Mt. Rainier and a freighter travelling on the waterway.
This photo is of the same bay, same direction as above (imagine that Mt Rainier is just off to the right).  Isn't it interesting how much more rich the color blue looks when it is set off by the green and khaki of the shoreline?

Discovery Park was once a military base and it is the largest public park in Seattle. There are trails to hike, beaches to walk (there are 2 miles of protected tidal beaches, so no fishing or shelling) and a bounty of natural habitats to explore. I encourage you to visit the park website and read this FAQ sheet. I read that there are tidal pools here too, so I've got that on my list to visit next time.

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