Thursday, December 1, 2016

Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Upcycling A Collection

Hello! It's December 1st and time to decorate for the holidays! Last year, I was smart enough to pack my tin, paper and felt ornaments (ones wouldn't break) and mailed them out to our apartment in Seattle. In the coming days, I will show you how I have decorated our little nest this year. 

I love this photo I took (above) of my rummage sale score. I bought an entire gallon Ziploc bag of these sweet wooden ornaments for $2. It wasn't long before I got my glue gun out and created this tree by gluing them to a foam cone and then gluing the foam cone to a simple white gift box. I wish I could let the person that donated this collection know that it went to a good home. This is holiday upcycling and I love it. 

I also miss it.  It's "in a box" with the rest of my life. Next Christmas we will be in our new house and I am going to create all new vignettes with my treasures. 
Remember when you are out scouring tag sales, a melange of small holiday items can be re imagined into something wonderful. Keep your eye out!

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