Monday, December 5, 2016

My First Seattle Sounders FC Soccer Game: Western Conference Champs

I am not a real soccer fan, not yet anyways. But I have certainly have the framework to build upon. I've enjoyed casually watching World Cup games and I watched quite a bit of last years Copa games, cheering on Clint Dempsey, who is a Seattle Sounder and I didn't even know it!

I will start by saying the Seattle Sounders are fantastic! Dan and I were invited at the spur of the moment to attend the Seattle Sounders vs Colorado Rapids game on Nov 22 at 7 pm at Century Link Field. A win would mean that the Sounders were Western Conference Champions.
I was reminded about spirit and attitude when I was at the supermarket the day of the game. I stopped at my local Safeway because that grocery store is known for having a spirit department for all things Seahawks & Sounders and I wanted to buy a blue/green scarf. 

I had just found out that the forecast was 100% rain and that Century Link stadium had no roof. Apparently my expression said it all because the salesgirl asked what was wrong. I told her that I just found out that the Sounders game I was invited to was going to be outside, in the rain, in 40 degree weather.

To me, it seemed crazy to sit outside in the rain on purpose. I'm all for team spirit, but I thought there must be some kind of mistake. Maybe no one would attend the game. Maybe it would "called" due to rain. I was bouncing around these ideas when the shop girl snapped me back to reality. 

She said, "I think it sounds pretty great to be invited to a big Sounders game during Thanksgiving week." 

Her tone said turn your frown upside down ya big baby, and she was right. 

I came prepared with a poncho over my winter jacket. I put Press n Seal kitchen wrap over my socks to keep my feet dry inside my shoes (it worked great and kept them warm!) and I had gloves and a hat. 

The game was exciting. The concession food was delicious (the best pulled pork sandwich on a soft bun I've ever had!) and mercifully, our seats were a few rows under the overhang so we were not directly rained upon. Look at my photo above. An entire section decked out in ponchos cheering on their team. It rains here in Seattle and it hasn't stopped them yet. 

And we won!

There are lots of songs, chants and traditions to learn. A very spirited group of fans, unlike anything I've ever seen. At one point the giant screen says "scarves up!" and everyone holds their scarves up between two raised arms. Every scarf sold is designed with a phrase knit into it. It becomes a banner that reads "Sounders" or "Come on Seattle Fight and Win." Click on this link to see a great photo of scarves up. I didn't know the songs or the chants (or frankly, most of the rules of the game) but I had a scarf and held it up!

Congratulations, Seattle Sounders on being 2016 Western Conference Champions. On December 10, I will be in the warmth of my apartment rooting for you as you play in your first ever MLS Cup! Come on Seattle, Fight and Win!

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