Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year: Unpacking

Happy New Year! This is my life right now. We are finally able to move into our new house on January 6th. We are unpacking our entire life and starting anew on the east side of Seattle, Washington. 

I'm hapy to report that only 6 dishes were broken in the move, and it was entirely my fault. I didn't recognize the box they were in and didn't turn them over to the movers to wrap. They traveled thousands of miles, with only a little foam sleeve as protection.  I have a date with some Super Glue and I hope to fit at least one back into the shape of a plate. I think I could prop a repaired plate in a stand and enjoy it on display that way.

Anyway, the house is a wreck, but it is OUR wreck and we are very happy.   

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