Monday, December 11, 2017

Sheets for Christmas: Hallmark Gets Me Again

My mom and I weren't 5 minutes into the Hallmark movie, Switched For Christmas, when we saw these cute sheets and knew we were going to love this movie. We both yelped when we saw this scene and both wondered, "Why don't we have Christmas sheets?" 

I rewound the movie a few frames, took this picture of star Candace Cameron Bure in her darling make believe bed and tweeted out this picture and a comment on how this Hallmark movie is bound to be good if they put that much thought into the sheets.

The movie was darling and another happy December evening in front of the fire was complete.

Fast forward a week or so...I was shopping with my mom and we found the sheets from this movie on an end cap in Target! The exact same sheets (fox, trees, Santa, deer. Repeat) were on sale for less than $22 for a King! They didn't have every size on the shelf, so I opened my Target app on my phone, found the sheets and sent one set to my house (King) and one set to my mom's place (Queen). Poof! We both started smiling as we rolled on with our Christmas shopping.

If that isn't a Hallmark Christmas movie moment, I don't know what is. If you ever see that moment on film, you heard it here first (wink).
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Unknown said...

Do you recall the brand?

Anne Reeves said...

They were Target brand for Christmas 2017

Unknown said...

They are Wondershop brand. I already had this set and when I first watched the movie I sat up and yelled, Hey, there are my same sheets!"