Thursday, October 14, 2021

Growing Roses in Containers: Delight in the Pacific Northwest

My friend and mentor, Mary-Kate Mackey wrote a wonderful piece for Hartley Botanic Greenhouses about the success I am having growing roses in containers. I have lived east of Seattle almost 5 years and I have 10 roses flourishing in pots. 

My former zone (southeastern Michigan 6a) wouldn't support roses in containers, unless I had had one of Hartley Botanic's beautiful greenhouses, so I was thrilled when I had the chance to try it here. In this photo you can see (front to back), State of Grace, Royal Amethyst, a hydrangea in the ground, Tournament of Roses and Passionate Kisses. They make a lovely border to my suburban yard and I think it is wonderful.

Please read this article about my garden and maybe you'll be inspired to give container roses a try!

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Unknown said...

What sort of soil do you use in your pots?

Anne Reeves said...

I use a blend of bagged organic potting soil (without any improvements like water retention medium or fertilizer) to promote good drainage and soil from my yard.