Saturday, May 24, 2008

New York, Paris, Charlottesville?

Caspari has long been my favorite brand of papergoods. They combine sophisticated colors & patterns to make beautiful products. I've found myself wanting to learn to play bridge, just so that I can have a scorepad and matching deck of cards (I mean it - they are beautiful). So a few years ago, when I left my hotel in Paris to explore Rue Jacob, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this shop window. The Caspari line is sold in fine shops all over the world, but to find a Caspari store was magic. Later when I looked online, I found that their design office is in New York, they opened their first store in Paris and their second store is now in...Charlotteville, Virginia. I live in Michigan and I rarely get to Virginia, so imagine my surprise when I was shopping on our Monticello trip and I found the only other Caspari store by accident! I was so thrilled, that I rushed inside and I forgot to take a picture of the storefront. Believe me, the entire space is magnificent. And I bought the sweetest periwinkle & white polka dot paper table runners. Lunch anyone?

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