Monday, July 7, 2008

The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels put on a magnificent airshow this year at the National Cherry Festival. Watching from a pier on Grand Traverse Bay, I could see every maneuver perfectly. 

It is said that The Blue Angels fly in formation 18 inches apart! Look how close they are in my photo above. 500,000 people visit the 8-day festival and I stood with my camera among the thousands of spectators enjoying the show. I had a "special event ticket" to watch the air show from the pier while enjoying a gourmet picnic of wine and local fare. The chefs offered cherry bar-b-cue chicken, pulled pork with cherry glaze and a chocolate brownie studded with dried cherries & walnuts. Yum. 

My favorite thing that happened? A ten-year-old boy with a camera walked up to me after a particularly close fly-by, gestured to my camera and said "What'd ya get?" So, photographer-to-photographer, we compared our best shots and agreed that The Blue Angels were "cool."


Non-Squidge said...

AWESOME! Where are the pictures of the cherries?!?

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! It was completely awesome. Cherries are to follow...