Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Fruit

We have the tiniest "berry garden" ever. A few strawberry plants, a few raspberries and two lone blueberry bushes. I don't expect a lot from this plot, but it's fun to watch the berries develop and we do get a few cups of fruit over the Summer. Today, when I rounded the brick wall, I saw that we had blueberries! Beautiful, perfect blueberries. There are only about ten total, but aren't they gorgeous? I am very proud. If Charlotte were here, I know she would spin a web that said "Some Fruit."


MmeBenaut said...

Very impressive indeed. I've never grown blueberries or raspberries and my strawberries are looking a bit sad too!

Jim said...

Do you actually get to eat the berries? I have a bush, but the birds get them before they are fully ripe :) It's still a treat when I get one or two, even if they are not totally ripe.