Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to Bake

I couldn't help myself...the darling packaging that was designed to make me buy & bake, actually made me buy & make. I saw this sweet box of cupcake mix and instantly wanted to make a clock out of it. I haven't made the actual cupcakes yet, but I'm in no rush. I know I'll never lose the instructions - they are on the back of the clock! To make, you will need a cute box, a clock movement (from the craft store), 1 AA battery, and tape. 

Make sure to center the hands high enough on the box to allow the hands to tick all the way around (too low and they will hit the table). Follow the clock movement instructions to place the motor of the clock inside the box (open box from the bottom) and the hands of the clock on the face. I used a 3 inch piece of strong tape across the motor inside to keep it secure (just don't tape over the time set wheel). It is super simple and super cute!

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