Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Julia Child's kitchen

This is Julia Child's actual kitchen...right down to the utensils! It was donated (by Julia) in its entirety to the Smithsonian and is displayed at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. It was wonderful to be able to see it in person. I was happy to hear that Julia (at age 90) was able to visit this exhibit after it was complete - imagine how that must have felt to her...the world would soon be lining up to see where she mastered the art of French cooking. I can think of no finer tribute.

What was my favorite part? Seeing her library of cookbooks on the shelf. She had written "KITCHEN" down the spine of the books she had written, to use as her own reference point at home. Can you imagine having written a series of cookbooks and then keeping a "kitchen" copy for yourself? How cool.

Bon Appetit!


Suzanne said...

I was fortunate enough to visit the real kitchen in Cambridge on a sidetrip from the IACP convention in Providence! I still count that as one of the most exciting things I have ever done!

Evelyn said...

Wouldn't you just love to cook something in that magical kitchen?

LillyB said...

It is so awesome to see this kitchen! Julia was incredible and I loved her "real" moments. She just took them with a grain of salt!! Interesting about the recipe books!!

Anne Reeves said...

Oh, Suzanne, how cool!
Yes, Evelyn, absolutely. They said that when she saw the exhibit, she wanted to turn on the burners and cook something herself!
Yes, Lilly, I saw some old footage and she was truly comfortable and blase about cooking on camera.

MmeBenaut said...

I think even I could be inspired to cook in this amazing kitchen, Anne. Definitely belongs to a serious cook. I've heard of Julia Childs but I don't have any of her books.