Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kayaks, Tubes & Canoes

Imagine the luxury of drifting down this river in an inner tube. Feet dangling in the water, drinking a cold pop with nothing but time on your hands.

I saw this picture perfect scene on the Platte River when I was driving across the county a few days ago. I had to turn my car around and take a photograph. The life jackets hung by the river, canoes lined up on shore. Everything was perfect for a day on the river.

The last time I drifted in a tube down a river, I was in the Texas Hill Country. Have you ever spent the day on a river in a inner tube?

2 comments: said...

Ms. Ann:
Must not be a Texan!!! We call it Soda Water not POP!!
Craig R Steketee

Torch Lake Prep said...

At Xel-Ha in Canucn Mexico. It was great!