Friday, December 17, 2010

Antique Calendars

Do you love it?  When I noticed this paper plaque (the top portion of a calendar) at an antiques show, I could immediately see it on display here on my baker's rack.

I went to an antiques show with my parents and I had only been there about five minutes when I noticed this gorgeous plaque.  I couldn't play it cool.  I didn't bargain or act aloof.  And I certainly wasn't going to walk away, only to circle back later.  I couldn't risk having someone else snag this!  I was smitten and I'm sure the look on my face made it clear to everyone that I simply had to have it.

Lucky for me it was very reasonable, being that it was only half of the original piece.  If the paper calendar from December 1930 (?) was still attached, I know that the price would have been much higher.

I love it, love it, love it.  Pressed paper in shades of mint green, aqua, pale rose and mustard depicting a perfect moment in the countryside.


Elaine said...

OH! There is NO way I could have left that either! So, so beautiful, Anne!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks for validating this! I just knew it was for me. And I don't even have it in the room that is all blues and pinks! I can move it around year to year.