Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twitter: Find Delight

"Rockin' Robin! Tweet-tweet!"

I love technology, social networking and how tiny the world can be if we let it. 

I have had nothing but positive experiences with my "Moments of Delight by Anne Reeves" Facebook page.  I post pictures, thoughts and inspirations as I go about the week planning my photos, blog posts and business ventures.  I have also been on the receiving end of technology - getting streams of "must see" suggestions from my "fans around the world" when I was travelling through England this Summer.  It was so much fun.

Twitter is a bit more illusive, but I am determined to use it in a meaningful way.  My account is Find Delight and if you are interested, I hope you will open a free Twitter account and sign up to follow me. 

I will post an idea, thought or suggestion every few days, which will give you a sneak peak about what is on my radar.  I just tweeted my book club's picks for the titles we will read in 2011.

Interested?  Tweet-tweet!


LillyB said...

Pretty picture! I dont tweet yet LOL

Anne Reeves said...

That's okay, LillyB. You definitely "hear" me here. xo