Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming!

Can you believe your eyes?  It's Santa and his reindeer flying in from the right!  A blur of delight!

I made a new friend at Dana & Lance's party - Lance's Aunt Pam is a kindred spirit!  We were invited to her home to see her Christmas decorations and when I rounded the corner and saw this display I was speechless.  She has built a Christmas Village display in her living room that is worthy of a museum.  The photo above captures about one fifth of the display!  It runs the entire length of the room and is a multilevel masterpiece.

Gondolas slowly advance across a wire in mid-air taking passengers up to the ski resort.  Small children make snow angels (moving their arms and legs!) while their older brothers play hockey nearby.  I could have looked at this display forever - each tree, shopper and building were so thoughtfully placed that this village looks as "real" as Frosty when he wears his magic hat.
Pam has been collecting buildings (many are made by Department 56) for twenty years now and she says she is still not done!  This artist extraordinaire has the magic touch and I am so grateful that she was willing to let me share her vision of Christmas with you!  This is delight.


Elaine said...

How I would love to see this display! I bet it was mesmerizing. How on earth did you get Santa in there - movement and all!

Anne Reeves said...

Timing is everything, Elaine! My friends watched as I stood their poised to take a picture, but not moving. They couldn't figure it out until I showed them the frame afterward! Success! And I love that Santa is blurry - adds to the "did I really see Santa?" magic!

Jim said...

Sometime you will have to visit us at Christmas and see 'the village' that we display in our 'great room.' We do not have a visit from Santa, but we do have a miniture railroad which delights the grandchildren.