Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Window Displays

I love the idea of "a little something extra." 

On Monday night, a nearby town celebrated the beginning of the holiday shopping season with a tradition called "Lagniappe," which is a Creole word meaning "a little something extra."

Shoppers are given a small gift (a lollipop, pen, glow-in-the-dark necklace) as a thank you for their support throughout the year.

It was a cold night, but the town was packed.  Everyone was excited to see the holiday light display turned on and celebrate the fun of a free holiday activity.  I peeked in some stores, heard a barbershop quartet sing carols in 4-part harmony and saw Santa.

This small town celebration made me think of the holiday weekend I spent in a big city.

I was lucky enough to be in Chicago in December a few years ago and was able to see Macy's holiday window displays in person.  The theme was a magical tribute to the Nutcracker Ballet.  I loved making my way along the crowded sidewalk to take in "a little something extra" designed just for holiday shoppers.

When you are planning your December nights, I want you to remember to take in the sights.  Bundle up, walk around, drink some hot chocolate and breathe.


Elaine said...

I agree with you. We've gone to San Francisco to look at the window displays at Christmastime and it is always magical.

Anne Reeves said...

Oh, a visit to San Francisco would be wonderful! I haven't been since 1993!